His farewell letter, which also serves as the foreword to his book The Art of Making the Dark Knight Trilogy, reflects on his experience as the director of these three films. I think he did a wonderful job on them, but I haven’t seen the others, and let’s face it…Batman had been around for a while before Nolan even came into the picture. Christopher Nolan is one of my favorite film directors of all time, but I feel like writing an entire book about the “art” of telling a story that neither he nor Jon Nolan wrote sounds overly self-important. It would’ve been different if it had been about his life experience and what went into each of his movies, because he’s definitely earned that bragging right. I’m sure that all the sentiments in his letter and the book came straight from the bottom of his heart, but I confess that for the first time ever, I’m a little disappointed with him.