I don’t know exactly. He just is. He’s done some movies that I didn’t otherwise like that much (Unknown, The Grey), but he has a voice that I could listen to forever and such charisma and depth of character on screen. I think it might be because his beginnings were so humble. He’s not a model-turned-actor or someone who was born into success. He’s definitely genetically blessed, but did you know he used to drive a forklift in Ireland? Even after becoming famous, he never turned into the type of self-indulgent Hollywood sellout who churns out nothing but awful, one-dimensional, romcom crap just because he can (in contrast to, say, Ashton Kutcher), and I respect him for that. Granted, Chloe might have been a mistake, but not as much for him as the others – and anyway, show me an actor who hasn’t made some questionable career choices.

Also show me another man who’s 60 and looks like that. Doesn’t hurt, does it?