I must have fallen asleep, because I don’t even remember seeing the epic showdown between Cross and the other genetically altered dude who was sent to kill him.

Oh, that never happened? My bad.

The car chase at the end was exciting and all, but it went on for so long that I started yawning. The action didn’t start early enough in the plot (for me, at least) to begin with, and there wasn’t really a proper peak. The dude just dies chasing them. Meh.

The scene in the research lab where the old guy loses his shit and kills everyone (except Rachel Weisz, of course) was really well done, though. I was chewing my fingernails during that part. It’s basically what weaves the main plot and subplot together and connects the characters, and that sort of thing can be tricky to get right, but writer/director Tony Gilroy did.

I also got super confused during all those earlier scenes having to do with bureaucratic garbage about Treadstone and Blackbriar and how Bourne screwed things up for Outcome. But that’s normal for the Bourne series so I just kinda zoned out. I’ll remember and understand everything once I watch all the movies again. Edward Norton has a couple of poignant and memorable lines, which made things more interesting for me.

Overall, everyone did an awesome job considering they had to deal with the formidable challenge of making a Bourne movie that doesn’t have Jason Bourne in it (no, not even a cameo, sadly). They didn’t even attempt to replace him – a wise choice, because he is not replaceable and Aaron Cross isn’t very much like him. The latter is more conversational and less guarded when he’s not facing an immediate threat. I feel like that takes him away from the strong-and-silent archetype a bit, which was nice to see. It adds just a touch of vulnerability, but he still turns into an unstoppable killing machine during the top-notch fight scenes just like he’s supposed to. I liked the movie a lot. There have been rumors about Matt Damon coming back and teaming up with Cross for The Bourne Betrayal which would be INCREDIBLE. For the moment, I’m just happy that this didn’t turn into a one-versus-other deal like Spider-Man.