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All thanks go to Coke Talk (now known as The Coquette) for introducing me to this song. If you follow that link, she’ll explain the song and idea behind it better than almost anyone else – save for Arcade Fire themselves – could do, but I’ll give it a shot too.

I did my research on supersymmetry while listening to the song, so I had to go back and listen again to fully understand it. Once I got there, though, I was awestruck by how perfectly some random indie rock band put words to one of the deepest, purest raw emotions I know of.

Supersymmetry is all about yearning for someone who’s gone beyond where you can reach them. As if it needs any more poetry, the song also seamlessly merges science and art by borrowing a few things from elementary particle physics. In the scientific sense, supersymmetry is the proposed bridge between two fundamentally different types of particles – fermions, which make up the material universe, and bosons, which are the intangible particles responsible for forces like gravity, light, etc. That’s not at all a scientific explanation, just as I understand it so far.

The Standard Model in particle physics says that these are the only two kinds of “things” in the universe, and in fact, all of Quantum Field Theory is built upon the idea that fermions interact by exchanging bosons. The theory of supersymmetry was proposed as an extension to the Standard Model and takes it one step further by linking them, partnering them up. I don’t really understand how that works, but the gist of it is that each physical fermion has an intangible boson superpartner, and each boson corresponds to one fermion. In the scientific world, that theory was recently disproved.

The beauty of supersymmetry as a general concept rather than a scientific theory is that it connects something that can be touched and seen with something else that exists only in theory. It’s like a photograph preserving the memory of a happy couple long after the breakup. Or, more profoundly, the broken connection one feels when someone they love leaves the physical world.

This song goes along with the second interpretation:

I know you’re living in my mind 

It’s not the same as being alive

That person is still living in your mind as long as the memories, hopes, dreams, and wishes you had with them are still in your head. But it’s not the same as listening to that person speak, seeing them move, touch things, and live their life as a part of your world the way they once did. You know that person is lost to you forever, and yet your connection to them is almost stronger for having been broken. But now you’re linked only theoretically, because that person exists only theoretically, no matter how much you want them to be real. You can never truly be linked again because you’re not the same “thing” of the universe that they are now.

Heard a voice, like an echo

But it came from you

That voice can’t really have been heard because it came from “you”, who can’t make an echo anymore.

This is the stuff that spawns entire belief systems, and this song captures it all in one word. It’s heartbreaking, but beyond beautiful.


“Like” if you’d find yourself doing the same thing if you were ever accused of murder. And please don’t ever be accused of murder.

Uh oh…looks like someone needs to go back to their community college science class. Don’t do this, folks.

Hey, all you college students out there. Is this you?


Some of you are out there right now going “WOOOO OMG NO MORE FINALS!!!111one!!!!111one” Others of you might not be. This post is for those people who aren’t. The rest of you, get out of my sight! (Haha no, not really. Congrats and live it up…lucky bitches.)

When you’re this close to the end of finals, the finish line is in sight, but so is another line: the deadline. The ultimate deadline. It’s no secret that I do not do well with those. You might even say I have a mild form of anxiety that only kicks in when I have one deadline for all manner of unrelated things that I can’t see the point of.

When you feel that panic attack coming on (actual panic, or is it the Red Bull?), it’s important to just take a step back and put things in perspective. Unfortunately, there’s too many people who don’t do so until after finals instead of before, and it’s a shame, because it actually helps you do better.

Put down the pen/calculator/flash cards. Tilt your head back away from the glare of the computer screen and close your eyes. Inhale. Breathe out. Keep doing this a couple of times (and tell that pesky brain of yours that it’s cliched for a reason). Breathe some more. Is that the sound of your own heartbeat in your ears? Can you feel the aches in your overstressed muscles now that you’ve remembered you do, in fact, have things like muscles and organs and joints? Do you know what such weirdness is called?

It’s called being alive.

Yes. Chances are that if you are still reading this, you are alive, and it is a small miracle. Especially in light of all the terrible tragedies that have happened just in this past year, I don’t think I need to tell you how lucky you are.

Do you also have friends and family who are alive and well? Are you able to earn your own money? Do you feel safe?

If your answers to these questions are “yes”, you are truly blessed. You may not think so right now, but you are.

There are a lot of people who won’t see it this way. Sure, this is great and all, but reveling in your own existence day after day isn’t going to get you anywhere in life. That’s cool. I totally agree. It takes certain life experiences to give these things so much meaning. I just think we forget too often that not getting that A or being accepted to that college isn’t going to take away any of the things you do have.

This is one semester. One semester out of four years – four years which, for most people, are just the beginning of their adult lives. It’s temporary. Don’t let it do anything that will stay with you permanently. Interpret that however you want.

So go finish that last project or fill out that last scantron, but be lighthearted. Contrary to popular belief, finding something to be happy about during finals week does not mean you will fail all your classes. It just means you are smart enough to realize that this one god-awful week does not overshadow all the good things you have in your life. Thinking about those and remembering your successes will give you so much more confidence as you step up to the challenge in front of you.

Good luck, and enjoy your holidays, everyone!

Is there a way to blame Microsoft for this?

I mean…damn you, AutoCorrect!

I mean…

Haha. Just kidding. Hey there!

I’m back on the grid, guys. At least for the next couple of weeks.

So obviously, that 6-day rule failed miserably. In my defense, let me tell you the story of how this blog came to be.

Lol no it won’t be that bad.

So basically, I started writing sometime in June or July after this loser for whom I still had feelings at the time got some girl pregnant and ended up marrying her. A couple of mutual friends decided to make me aware of this for reasons best known to themselves, and for one full weekend it put me in the vilest mood I’ve known in all of 2012.

By Monday I was sick of it, and I didn’t have classes or a job (or really anything) going on at the time, so I decided to start the Millennial Experience Project. I had no game plan and not a single clue about what would be on here. I just instinctively turned to writing like I always do, and finally took the plunge to make it publicly available because I wanted people to believe me when I said I was good at it.

Not long after, I got a part-time job at a beauty salon and supply store. It was not even slightly the right thing for me, but I took it, made some money, and it did help me fight off what could have been a really bad time. The job distracted me from everything else on weekends and during the day, and this blog when I couldn’t sleep at night (which was pretty much all the time).  I eventually got bored enough with that job that I started writing posts and formulating new ones for this blog while I was there, so truthfully, this is what I was doing for most of the summer.

Then I landed a research/editorial internship at a small but well-known and specialized newspaper, and that was even more awesome even though I learned that journalism isn’t quite right for me. School started up again around the same time, so between work during the day and classes at night, I was barely writing here anymore. When I did publish something, it was just a completed version of an earlier post that I hadn’t yet finished. It was unfortunate, because at that point I’d formed a solid idea of what this blog was going to be about, and had no end of things to say. But the pressure was mounting, and so I let it slide.

I was only there for about 7 weeks before I got contacted about a full-time position at a staffing agency. That industry really is where I want to be, so I interviewed and started the job that same week. I felt lukewarm about it from the beginning, but I didn’t realize until later that the main reason I wanted that particular position so badly is because it was down the street from where I used to live before I was forced to move. The position wasn’t great, but just being there again made me feel better. So much better, in fact, that I thought I didn’t need this blog anymore. I didn’t write or publish a single post the entire time I was there.

Finally (I’m almost done, I promise), three weeks ago, I got contacted yet again about a different technical sourcing position at a bigger company. I’m still there (believe it or not), still in 15 units at school, and still trying very, very hard to meet the academic and professional standards I’ve set for myself.

It’s not easy.

My brain has had so many things thrown at it over the last few months that I feel like it just stopped processing new stuff a couple of days ago. The combination of school obligations/due dates, training topics, and family stuff last week made it pretty much the shittiest week of college I can remember, and that’s when it suddenly became crystal clear to me how important it is to write. It’s literally like thinking to me.

So, in a nutshell, that’s why I’m back. Now you also know why I left, and that I’m never going to forget about this blog. It got me through a pretty rough time and sometimes I honestly can’t believe that there are people all over the world who read this thing. I didn’t actually expect any followers at all, and even if you don’t realize it, every “like” and comment I’ve gotten has helped me build up my confidence, little by little, to the highest level it’s ever been. I never would’ve even considered working full-time while still in school if I didn’t have that. Thank you.

So stick around, and bear with me…I still have no end of things to say.

So, HP Month kinda got put on hold. I’m sorry, I really am. I love Mr. Pottah so so much and reliving the series is lots of fun for me, but life got dramatically crazier than normal for me after Labor Day. Now I get to wonder in amazement at how far I’ve fallen behind in school within the first two weeks of classes, and find myself a new place to live before the end of the weekend, all while learning the ropes of a new job. And that means HP Month needs to freeze for a hot minute.

In short, I’m in an unpleasant and sticky place right now….I’d like nothing more than to escape into Harry’s head for a good long while, but as I can’t, I decided to procrastinate for 10 minutes by writing a blog post for you wonderful people. I hope you’re having a  better week than I am.

Anyway, Harry Potter Month will recommence as soon as I can. Thanks for reading, and have a wonderful day/evening/whatever it is in your part of the world!

Harry Potter Fact #174


Hahahah! It’s so fitting that Fred and George would be the ones to do this. Excuse me while I go read Sorcerer’s Stone again and laugh my ass off.



…and yet, sometimes they can’t end fast enough. I had one of those this summer. It was horrible.

As Labor Day weekend approaches and August comes to a close, it seems like everywhere I look, one of two things is happening. Either young, naive couples are tearfully hanging on to each other for the last few moments before their inevitable breakup, or managing to convince each other (and themselves) that somehow, some way, we can make this last. Well, I like to shake things up in my corner of the world. So this one goes out to all the ladies (and gentlemen) who have had a hookup, fling, or true-blue relationship so thoroughly awful this summer that it might almost have been preferable to not get any action at all.

First of all, relax. It’s okay. We all have those WTF-was-I-thinking people in our lives, and while some of them truly should get sucked into the center of the earth by a combination of gravity and used plungers, it’s better than passing up a chance and then wishfully pondering the road not taken. So don’t dwell on the fact that taking the chance was a mistake, either. Forgive yourself for whatever happened.

But remember to learn from it. Was this guy older than you by the better part of a decade and the type to flip out Bruce Banner-style if he found out that you didn’t intend to see him after the first date? Was she manipulative, clingier than cotton candy, and passive-aggressive to an almost comedic degree? Make a mental note of any and all red flags that came up, so that at least you can avoid getting trapped with the same ones next time.

Above all, though, don’t let any of it stop you from pursuing many more summer passions throughout the years to come with just as much joyful and reckless abandon. This one went to hell, but some of my most cherished memories were also born of summer romances, and becoming jaded about any of the season’s gifts to us is no way to live. Don’t be the one who looks back in September and regrets not taking out more time to enjoy the sunshine and sweet smells and Vitamin D. Never forget, you can’t be sure you’ll see any of this again next year. No one can.

Summer and love are two of the most wonderful things in life, and it can be really tough having to let go of both at the same time. Going out for a walk after dinner without your significant other is bittersweet and heart-wrenching enough on its own, and realizing that you can’t even wear shorts after sundown anymore without feeling a chill does exactly nothing to help.

But fall colors are starting to bloom, I have a new job to look forward to after Labor Day, and the holiday season isn’t too far off. Yay for Halloween and pumpkin pie and mistletoe and stuff. And hey, it’s much less ridiculous to start making plans for New Year’s from this side of August! Say goodbye to summer and whoever you spent it with, start cooking up a kickass Halloween, and don’t let the Mayans get you down come December.


Biebs, you’ve barely turned 18. Come on now, calm yourself down.

On a completely unrelated note, I hope people notice that I’ve categorized this under “humor”.

Found this on Tumblr a while ago. Could not resist.



Hahaha 😎