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#SHERLOCKLIVES!!! I am OBSESSED with this show. So much that I wrote a research paper on it for one of my Communication Studies classes this past semester. It got one of the few A’s I’ve earned recently, which probably means my teacher is a fan as well. Anyway, I was absolutely thrilled to learn that there’s a mini-episode prior to the season 3 premiere out there, and I wanted to share it here in hopes that it’ll draw some Sherlock fans out of hiding. I’ll do reviews of the show itself later. Enjoy!


Found this on Tumblr a while ago. Could not resist.



Hahaha 😎

F$%k NBC. Here’s why. Billy Gallagher at TechCrunch nailed it. NBC is not broadcasting the more anticipated Olympics events live because they want to delay it until primetime. Since, you know, that way they can make the most money off the commercials for dandruff shampoo and adult diapers they’ll throw in between events. Unless people make a stink about it before it begins and ratings tank, that is.

I was really hoping it was just going to be for the opening ceremony, but apparently not. Way to rain on the parade, capitalism. The ironic thing is how spectacularly the idea failed…they anticipated that all the races Michael Phelps was participating in would be big events, so they delayed broadcasting them. But the results were all over Twitter before the race even aired in the States, and it just pissed everyone off more.

Nice going, jerks.


So, I’m thinking all the hype over this song before the video came out is the main reason why it turned out to be the most shameless example of product placement I can remember seeing. Seriously, it’s hard to imagine how they could have fit this much promotion into under 10 minutes…and kinda sad that doing that probably took more time, effort, and talent than making a legitimate music video. Watch it (if you haven’t already) and you’ll understand what I mean.

See if you can find the following (not listed in order):

– Diet Coke

– Virgin Mobile


-Miracle Whip

– cigarettes (for god’s sake…you KNOW the industry paid for that)

– Wonder Bread

– Plenty of Fish

– Polaroid

It’s like a freakin’ scavenger hunt, isn’t it? And these are just the ones that I could see because the director and Gaga made a point of making sure I knew they were there. Or because they came up more than once. I know that ads represent a considerable chunk of revenue in almost any industry, but was the painful obviousness really necessary? Gee, I wonder what the “sequel” is going to look like. That kook is probably going to surprise us all as usual, but maybe not the way we want to be.

Quotes from an inspirational speech Steve Jobs gave at Stanford’s commencement ceremony a few years ago, combined with Rihanna and Nicki Minaj’s hit song. Sorry the video’s so boring (I didn’t make it), but I hope you enjoy the song!

Looking at some of the comments this video by Jenna Marbles got on Youtube, I feel compelled to clarify that she is not actually serious (although that should be pretty obvious). I also think I should give anyone who is actually reading my blog fair warning that she swears quite a bit. Then again, if you’re familiar with even a few of the artists she talks about here, you’re probably used to that.

That said, this girl is HILARIOUS. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve watched this video and many others of hers since I discovered her, but they never cease to make me laugh. They’re so unpretentious, and so true. She’s also very, very different from what she looks like at first glance, so you should definitely check some of her other stuff out if you liked this video.

She really is a fan of rap and hip-hop music and I am (somewhat) as well, but I totally agree with what she says in this video. Tupac was one of the greatest and his music was really inspirational. There are lots and lots of other good artists in this genre who convey a real message with their music, but you gotta admit, some of this stuff is just ridiculous.

Like that dumb Nicki Minaj song she talks about that’s playing on the radio all the time right now. I’ve never listened to that song all the way through and I don’t want to. Even my 14-year-old brother doesn’t want to. Maybe it’s just because I’m not the kind of person who can enjoy rhythm and melody without listening to the lyrics. Or maybe the song is just stupid. I can’ t really hate on Nicki Minaj, though. I like some of her stuff and she and Rihanna made a tribute to Steve Jobs out of their song Fly that I absolutely loved. She’s a kook, but a cool one (like Lady Gaga).

But I just don’t see Drake’s appeal anymore.  At first I really liked his songs. Then he started doing the same stuff over and over again and I was like “Okay, he’s clearly a studio artist who would sound awful if he couldn’t use auto-tune as a crutch, but what else is new?”  After that, I stopped being able to tell the difference between most of his songs. Jenna must have made this video before The Motto was released, or else I’m sure she would have bit into that one like a See’s chocolate. Y.O.L.O. You Only Live Once. First of all, I cannot for the life of me understand why that is such a huge revelation to so many people. All he did was take “carpe diem” and turn it on its head to mean “you only live once…so go get drunk and high and catch all the STD’s you can”. The entire song is thoroughly unoriginal as it is, but “the motto” is so old that it was actually written in Latin first. Come on. Really?

The parts about Ace Hood and Pitbull just made me burst out laughing and wish I could give Jenna a high five. Perfectly done. She has another video in which she does an impression of Pitbull if you’re interested.

All in all, she puts a witty and entertaining spin on everything from the institution of marriage to reality TV. I apologize in advance for getting you addicted to her. (But not really.)

Paradise by Coldplay

You’ve probably heard the song, but have you seen the video?

Lots of people don’t get the elephants and choose to ridicule Coldplay’s zany choices in this music video instead of trying to understand them. Those are the people of our generation who are used to the most crass, mindless, and shallow lyrics and videos ever to come into existence. Sadly, that’s the down side of current music.

It takes a little thought, a little creativity, and a lot of comfort with ambiguity to appreciate this kind of a video. The up side is that most of us have a lot of this – just check out the comments and various thoughtful interpretations on Google to know that’s true.

I like to think that it’s about “the elephant in the room” becoming real and running off to find other elephants and a sense of belonging. It’s about creating your own sense of belonging rather than just sitting in the cage that someone or other has told you you belong in. Are you really an elephant if you’ve never seen another elephant or done what elephants do in nature? Who knows?

That’s not too complex of an interpretation, but it fits well with my personal experience. And let’s be real, it’s pretty difficult to come up with a deep analysis for a video in which a man rides a unicycle wearing an elephant suit. I’m more inclined to just sit back and enjoy it and smile. I hope you do too!