So, I’m thinking all the hype over this song before the video came out is the main reason why it turned out to be the most shameless example of product placement I can remember seeing. Seriously, it’s hard to imagine how they could have fit this much promotion into under 10 minutes…and kinda sad that doing that probably took more time, effort, and talent than making a legitimate music video. Watch it (if you haven’t already) and you’ll understand what I mean.

See if you can find the following (not listed in order):

– Diet Coke

– Virgin Mobile


-Miracle Whip

– cigarettes (for god’s sake…you KNOW the industry paid for that)

– Wonder Bread

– Plenty of Fish

– Polaroid

It’s like a freakin’ scavenger hunt, isn’t it? And these are just the ones that I could see because the director and Gaga made a point of making sure I knew they were there. Or because they came up more than once. I know that ads represent a considerable chunk of revenue in almost any industry, but was the painful obviousness really necessary? Gee, I wonder what the “sequel” is going to look like. That kook is probably going to surprise us all as usual, but maybe not the way we want to be.