I’m a huge fan of Chris Nolan’s work in general, but Memento is in my opinion one of the best movies ever to come into existence. IMdB and Rotten Tomatoes both agree. It’s so good that I’m putting a trailer below instead of just a picture so that you poor souls who haven’t seen it yet can get an idea of what I’m talking about.

This spectacularly made film is based on a short story by Jonathan Nolan. The movie, in turn, has inspired a number of later plots (some more obviously stolen from Chris Nolan’s masterpiece than others). These include everything from The Vow to Ghajini (a Bollywood ripoff). None of them even come close to being as good as Memento.

I’ve already shown the trailer so I’m not going to include too many spoilers…I’ll just say that watching this movie is not a passive experience. It has a terse grittiness to it, and the story progresses in reverse chronological order, so you’ll be lost if you zone out even for a few minutes. That’s what I love best about Chris Nolan’s movies. Every shot, every detail means something. It’s the perfect approach for a film about a man who loses his short-term memory every 10 minutes.

The entire cast (particularly Guy Pearce and Carrie-Anne Moss) delivers world-class performances, and the editing is amazingly done (I don’t normally pay very much attention to that, but in this case I kinda have to). I’m still wondering who deserves more credit. Was the footage shot chronologically and later edited to make it seem like it was going backwards, or did the actors somehow have to make the order work throughout filming?

Yeah, I’m not just talking a lot of flashbacks here. I mean that every single scene ends where the last one began. It’s a really complex film – not Inception status (you’ll understand the story the first time you watch it), but just enough to keep the audience engaged in every moment. What’s even more impressive is that there’s a parallel storyline and flashbacks actually are incorporated to show us something that happened even further in the past than the next scene. Am I even making sense anymore?

Okay, I’m getting a headache trying to write about it. Just trust me on this one. Memento is available to stream on Netflix, so go watch it already. Then watch it again in wonderment. You’re welcome 🙂