You’ve probably heard the song, but have you seen the video?

Lots of people don’t get the elephants and choose to ridicule Coldplay’s zany choices in this music video instead of trying to understand them. Those are the people of our generation who are used to the most crass, mindless, and shallow lyrics and videos ever to come into existence. Sadly, that’s the down side of current music.

It takes a little thought, a little creativity, and a lot of comfort with ambiguity to appreciate this kind of a video. The up side is that most of us have a lot of this – just check out the comments and various thoughtful interpretations on Google to know that’s true.

I like to think that it’s about “the elephant in the room” becoming real and running off to find other elephants and a sense of belonging. It’s about creating your own sense of belonging rather than just sitting in the cage that someone or other has told you you belong in. Are you really an elephant if you’ve never seen another elephant or done what elephants do in nature? Who knows?

That’s not too complex of an interpretation, but it fits well with my personal experience. And let’s be real, it’s pretty difficult to come up with a deep analysis for a video in which a man rides a unicycle wearing an elephant suit. I’m more inclined to just sit back and enjoy it and smile. I hope you do too!