You know, THIS ONE.

I’m serious. I am damn tired of hearing one or both of the multiple versions of this song every single time I get into my car and go somewhere.

Please, please, please take pity on those of us who must rely on the radio because we don’t have CD players in our cars or company to drown out the music with and RETIRE THIS TRACK ALREADY. I’m talking to you, 94.9 and 99.7 FM. And 101.3 and 97.3. I heard this song playing simultaneously on all four of these stations once not too long ago and it made me want to cry real tears.

We get it, okay? Gotye has a broken heart and managed to turn it into American’s current #1 hit song. It’s nothing new – there are at least 3 other major artists being overplayed at this very moment for the same reason –  and honestly, I’m sick of his whining.

Still, I didn’t think it was a bad track until radio ruined it by overplaying. Thanks a lot. Now get over it already! UGH.

(Please and thank you.)