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Harry Potter Fact #174


Hahahah! It’s so fitting that Fred and George would be the ones to do this. Excuse me while I go read Sorcerer’s Stone again and laugh my ass off.



The mother of one of the most notoriously Dark and unfeeling wizards who ever lived? Who wouldn’t be fascinated by her?

I feel like after Half-Blood Prince, we know just enough about Merope to understand Voldemort, but not enough to truly understand her. This is really important because of how deeply the theme of motherhood and the bond it forms is ingrained throughout the entire series. Notice that we know nothing about Merope’s mother – in fact, she’s not associated with any female characters at all other than Tom Riddle Sr.’s girlfriend and the ladies she met at the orphanage towards the end of her life. It’s curious, and I have so many questions about her in my mind already. How come she sold Slytherin’s necklace for just 10 Galleons when she had been told all her life how valuable it was? Why didn’t she seek Wizarding help after her father and brother had been locked up in Azkaban, rather than feeding Tom Riddle Sr. a love potion and running off with him? Did she know that something evil was growing inside of her when she got pregnant with Voldemort?

Jo never says this in the books, but she revealed in an interview that the reason Lord Voldemort cannot love is because he was conceived under a love potion. It’s just like how Harry received the ultimate protection from Lily when she died trying to save him. To a certain extent, both of their destinies were decided by their mothers, and that’s why Merope is the most interesting character to me.

Clearly, she still had some fight left in her when Morfin and Marvolo were taken away. She had enough magical education to know how to make a love potion, and she was a pureblood, so she was set to at least be taken care of in the magical world. But she shunned it so completely that she didn’t even leave her baby in a Wizarding orphanage (I’m sure there are such things…right?) even though she knew that it would have magical powers. And then, whaddaya know…the baby grows up to be a mass murderer of Muggles.

Isn’t it amazing to think about how much impact one woman’s choices had on the Wizarding world?

Honorable mentions: Severus Snape, Albus Dumbledore