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All thanks go to Coke Talk (now known as The Coquette) for introducing me to this song. If you follow that link, she’ll explain the song and idea behind it better than almost anyone else – save for Arcade Fire themselves – could do, but I’ll give it a shot too.

I did my research on supersymmetry while listening to the song, so I had to go back and listen again to fully understand it. Once I got there, though, I was awestruck by how perfectly some random indie rock band put words to one of the deepest, purest raw emotions I know of.

Supersymmetry is all about yearning for someone who’s gone beyond where you can reach them. As if it needs any more poetry, the song also seamlessly merges science and art by borrowing a few things from elementary particle physics. In the scientific sense, supersymmetry is the proposed bridge between two fundamentally different types of particles – fermions, which make up the material universe, and bosons, which are the intangible particles responsible for forces like gravity, light, etc. That’s not at all a scientific explanation, just as I understand it so far.

The Standard Model in particle physics says that these are the only two kinds of “things” in the universe, and in fact, all of Quantum Field Theory is built upon the idea that fermions interact by exchanging bosons. The theory of supersymmetry was proposed as an extension to the Standard Model and takes it one step further by linking them, partnering them up. I don’t really understand how that works, but the gist of it is that each physical fermion has an intangible boson superpartner, and each boson corresponds to one fermion. In the scientific world, that theory was recently disproved.

The beauty of supersymmetry as a general concept rather than a scientific theory is that it connects something that can be touched and seen with something else that exists only in theory. It’s like a photograph preserving the memory of a happy couple long after the breakup. Or, more profoundly, the broken connection one feels when someone they love leaves the physical world.

This song goes along with the second interpretation:

I know you’re living in my mind 

It’s not the same as being alive

That person is still living in your mind as long as the memories, hopes, dreams, and wishes you had with them are still in your head. But it’s not the same as listening to that person speak, seeing them move, touch things, and live their life as a part of your world the way they once did. You know that person is lost to you forever, and yet your connection to them is almost stronger for having been broken. But now you’re linked only theoretically, because that person exists only theoretically, no matter how much you want them to be real. You can never truly be linked again because you’re not the same “thing” of the universe that they are now.

Heard a voice, like an echo

But it came from you

That voice can’t really have been heard because it came from “you”, who can’t make an echo anymore.

This is the stuff that spawns entire belief systems, and this song captures it all in one word. It’s heartbreaking, but beyond beautiful.

Yeah, I know what you’re talking about, Haley.

This was one of my favorite songs of 2012.

So, I’m thinking all the hype over this song before the video came out is the main reason why it turned out to be the most shameless example of product placement I can remember seeing. Seriously, it’s hard to imagine how they could have fit this much promotion into under 10 minutes…and kinda sad that doing that probably took more time, effort, and talent than making a legitimate music video. Watch it (if you haven’t already) and you’ll understand what I mean.

See if you can find the following (not listed in order):

– Diet Coke

– Virgin Mobile


-Miracle Whip

– cigarettes (for god’s sake…you KNOW the industry paid for that)

– Wonder Bread

– Plenty of Fish

– Polaroid

It’s like a freakin’ scavenger hunt, isn’t it? And these are just the ones that I could see because the director and Gaga made a point of making sure I knew they were there. Or because they came up more than once. I know that ads represent a considerable chunk of revenue in almost any industry, but was the painful obviousness really necessary? Gee, I wonder what the “sequel” is going to look like. That kook is probably going to surprise us all as usual, but maybe not the way we want to be.

Seriously, how many hits does she have on the hot 100 right now? 2012 has been a spectacular year for Kelly so far…I love both this song and the video.

I bet this picture is what inspired the kid to change his hair.

You know, THIS ONE.

I’m serious. I am damn tired of hearing one or both of the multiple versions of this song every single time I get into my car and go somewhere.

Please, please, please take pity on those of us who must rely on the radio because we don’t have CD players in our cars or company to drown out the music with and RETIRE THIS TRACK ALREADY. I’m talking to you, 94.9 and 99.7 FM. And 101.3 and 97.3. I heard this song playing simultaneously on all four of these stations once not too long ago and it made me want to cry real tears.

We get it, okay? Gotye has a broken heart and managed to turn it into American’s current #1 hit song. It’s nothing new – there are at least 3 other major artists being overplayed at this very moment for the same reason –  and honestly, I’m sick of his whining.

Still, I didn’t think it was a bad track until radio ruined it by overplaying. Thanks a lot. Now get over it already! UGH.

(Please and thank you.)

Quotes from an inspirational speech Steve Jobs gave at Stanford’s commencement ceremony a few years ago, combined with Rihanna and Nicki Minaj’s hit song. Sorry the video’s so boring (I didn’t make it), but I hope you enjoy the song!

Looking at some of the comments this video by Jenna Marbles got on Youtube, I feel compelled to clarify that she is not actually serious (although that should be pretty obvious). I also think I should give anyone who is actually reading my blog fair warning that she swears quite a bit. Then again, if you’re familiar with even a few of the artists she talks about here, you’re probably used to that.

That said, this girl is HILARIOUS. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve watched this video and many others of hers since I discovered her, but they never cease to make me laugh. They’re so unpretentious, and so true. She’s also very, very different from what she looks like at first glance, so you should definitely check some of her other stuff out if you liked this video.

She really is a fan of rap and hip-hop music and I am (somewhat) as well, but I totally agree with what she says in this video. Tupac was one of the greatest and his music was really inspirational. There are lots and lots of other good artists in this genre who convey a real message with their music, but you gotta admit, some of this stuff is just ridiculous.

Like that dumb Nicki Minaj song she talks about that’s playing on the radio all the time right now. I’ve never listened to that song all the way through and I don’t want to. Even my 14-year-old brother doesn’t want to. Maybe it’s just because I’m not the kind of person who can enjoy rhythm and melody without listening to the lyrics. Or maybe the song is just stupid. I can’ t really hate on Nicki Minaj, though. I like some of her stuff and she and Rihanna made a tribute to Steve Jobs out of their song Fly that I absolutely loved. She’s a kook, but a cool one (like Lady Gaga).

But I just don’t see Drake’s appeal anymore.  At first I really liked his songs. Then he started doing the same stuff over and over again and I was like “Okay, he’s clearly a studio artist who would sound awful if he couldn’t use auto-tune as a crutch, but what else is new?”  After that, I stopped being able to tell the difference between most of his songs. Jenna must have made this video before The Motto was released, or else I’m sure she would have bit into that one like a See’s chocolate. Y.O.L.O. You Only Live Once. First of all, I cannot for the life of me understand why that is such a huge revelation to so many people. All he did was take “carpe diem” and turn it on its head to mean “you only live once…so go get drunk and high and catch all the STD’s you can”. The entire song is thoroughly unoriginal as it is, but “the motto” is so old that it was actually written in Latin first. Come on. Really?

The parts about Ace Hood and Pitbull just made me burst out laughing and wish I could give Jenna a high five. Perfectly done. She has another video in which she does an impression of Pitbull if you’re interested.

All in all, she puts a witty and entertaining spin on everything from the institution of marriage to reality TV. I apologize in advance for getting you addicted to her. (But not really.)

Paradise by Coldplay

You’ve probably heard the song, but have you seen the video?

Lots of people don’t get the elephants and choose to ridicule Coldplay’s zany choices in this music video instead of trying to understand them. Those are the people of our generation who are used to the most crass, mindless, and shallow lyrics and videos ever to come into existence. Sadly, that’s the down side of current music.

It takes a little thought, a little creativity, and a lot of comfort with ambiguity to appreciate this kind of a video. The up side is that most of us have a lot of this – just check out the comments and various thoughtful interpretations on Google to know that’s true.

I like to think that it’s about “the elephant in the room” becoming real and running off to find other elephants and a sense of belonging. It’s about creating your own sense of belonging rather than just sitting in the cage that someone or other has told you you belong in. Are you really an elephant if you’ve never seen another elephant or done what elephants do in nature? Who knows?

That’s not too complex of an interpretation, but it fits well with my personal experience. And let’s be real, it’s pretty difficult to come up with a deep analysis for a video in which a man rides a unicycle wearing an elephant suit. I’m more inclined to just sit back and enjoy it and smile. I hope you do too!