F$%k NBC. Here’s why.┬áBilly Gallagher at TechCrunch nailed it. NBC is not broadcasting the more anticipated Olympics events live because they want to delay it until primetime. Since, you know, that way they can make the most money off the commercials for dandruff shampoo and adult diapers they’ll throw in between events. Unless people make a stink about it before it begins and ratings tank, that is.

I was really hoping it was just going to be for the opening ceremony, but apparently not. Way to rain on the parade, capitalism. The ironic thing is how spectacularly the idea failed…they anticipated that all the races Michael Phelps was participating in would be big events, so they delayed broadcasting them. But the results were all over Twitter before the race even aired in the States, and it just pissed everyone off more.

Nice going, jerks.