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Harry Potter Fact #126

I never even thought about this…he loves her so much 😦 I hope they’re together in the afterlife. Also, Chosen One or not, Neville is still a badass.

Favorite male character: Severus Snape

Half-Blood Prince, Hogwarts professor, Death Eater Snape. I’ll confess I had the hardest time dealing with all the truths about him revealed at the end of Deathly Hallows. For a while I was mad at how fanfiction-y the whole thing sounded, and thought Jo just pulled an incredibly far-fetched, oversimplified explanation out of nowhere to tie up loose ends. Then I thought about it and realized that it was probably her plan all along. Sometime after that, he replaced Sirius as my favorite male character. (Of course I love Harry, but come on, he’s the protagonist. I can’t name him my favorite character.)

He was awful to Harry, Sirius, Remus, and even Wormtail years and years after everything had happened, and I’m not saying that’s okay, but it is an inevitable consequence of his remaining just as strongly devoted to Lily. The thought came to me that if Lily had married him instead of James, she would still be alive. Harry wouldn’t exist, and Snape might never have turned good, but he is cunning, intelligent, brave, and yes, distrustful enough to have protected her successfully. That sounds TERRIBLE and I’m sorry!!! But I’m sure the thought occurred to him as well, and that’s the real reason for the hate towards James – and by extension, towards Harry.

Everything else aside, his love for Lily doesn’t change how vicious he was. It doesn’t erase all the evil things he may or may not have done as a young Hogwarts student or Death Eater, but it does give him another side. He’s the embodiment of Sirius’ words: “The world isn’t split into good people and Death Eaters”. Of the three abandoned boys, Snape is the one who can’t be defined as clearly good or clearly evil, and that’s why he’s so fascinating to me.

The course of his life is as altered by Lily’s death as Harry’s is. I think his being capable of loving that deeply combined with his skill at deception and concealment make him almost more dangerous than Harry, in a way. I feel like he’s a much more complex character than most of the others in the books.

Runners-up: Sirius Black, Ronald Weasley