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Hey, all you college students out there. Is this you?


Some of you are out there right now going “WOOOO OMG NO MORE FINALS!!!111one!!!!111one” Others of you might not be. This post is for those people who aren’t. The rest of you, get out of my sight! (Haha no, not really. Congrats and live it up…lucky bitches.)

When you’re this close to the end of finals, the finish line is in sight, but so is another line: the deadline. The ultimate deadline. It’s no secret that I do not do well with those. You might even say I have a mild form of anxiety that only kicks in when I have one deadline for all manner of unrelated things that I can’t see the point of.

When you feel that panic attack coming on (actual panic, or is it the Red Bull?), it’s important to just take a step back and put things in perspective. Unfortunately, there’s too many people who don’t do so until after finals instead of before, and it’s a shame, because it actually helps you do better.

Put down the pen/calculator/flash cards. Tilt your head back away from the glare of the computer screen and close your eyes. Inhale. Breathe out. Keep doing this a couple of times (and tell that pesky brain of yours that it’s cliched for a reason). Breathe some more. Is that the sound of your own heartbeat in your ears? Can you feel the aches in your overstressed muscles now that you’ve remembered you do, in fact, have things like muscles and organs and joints? Do you know what such weirdness is called?

It’s called being alive.

Yes. Chances are that if you are still reading this, you are alive, and it is a small miracle. Especially in light of all the terrible tragedies that have happened just in this past year, I don’t think I need to tell you how lucky you are.

Do you also have friends and family who are alive and well? Are you able to earn your own money? Do you feel safe?

If your answers to these questions are “yes”, you are truly blessed. You may not think so right now, but you are.

There are a lot of people who won’t see it this way. Sure, this is great and all, but reveling in your own existence day after day isn’t going to get you anywhere in life. That’s cool. I totally agree. It takes certain life experiences to give these things so much meaning. I just think we forget too often that not getting that A or being accepted to that college isn’t going to take away any of the things you do have.

This is one semester. One semester out of four years – four years which, for most people, are just the beginning of their adult lives. It’s temporary. Don’t let it do anything that will stay with you permanently. Interpret that however you want.

So go finish that last project or fill out that last scantron, but be lighthearted. Contrary to popular belief, finding something to be happy about during finals week does not mean you will fail all your classes. It just means you are smart enough to realize that this one god-awful week does not overshadow all the good things you have in your life. Thinking about those and remembering your successes will give you so much more confidence as you step up to the challenge in front of you.

Good luck, and enjoy your holidays, everyone!

Haikus are lovely

Here’s one for you, professor

So give me an A.

Classes are starting this week and two of mine are online. Let’s see how this method of introduction works out.